Course description:
This course is for the students who want to take the TOEIC Test. This is to aid the students how to answer or handle TOEIC effectively such as managing the time on answering TOEIC Test.


Number of classes

1:1 (6H) + Native Group (1H) + Vocabulary (1H) + Saturday Class (2H)


Course requirements:
– Students only at L.3 (High Beginner) or above can join this course.

Learning outcome:

1:1 Class (ESL Class) Man to man classes are the best form of teaching English in the Philippines. The students can increase their English skills easily because the teacher can focus on their certain difficulties. Our teachers are trained well to teach the students through speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar.
1:1 Class: Tactics for TOEIC Listening and Reading This TOEIC man to man class focuses mainly on listening and reading. Therefore, the students listening and reading skill will improve much faster.
1:1 Class: Tactics for TOEIC Speaking and Writing This TOEIC man to man class focuses mainly on speaking and writing. Therefore, the students speaking and writing skill will improve much faster.
1:8 Class: Native Speaker Class In the native class, we give the students such opportunities to focus more in their pronunciation intonation, and as well as their listening skills. Since this is a group class, the students can have the chance to interact with other students.


Recommended study duration:
4-24 weeks

Instructional methods:

Teaching method/s: Class discussion facilitated by the teacher
Classroom activities: Lectures, exercises, homework checking


Text and additional resources/materials: 

Speaking books:
– Expressway 1
– New Interchange
– Pronunciation pairs
– Express yourself
– Let’s talk
– Talk talk talk
– Teen talk
– Impact issues
– Let’s argue 20
– Make your point 20
– What do you think
– Small group discussion for UNI/HS students
– Developing tactics for listening

Reading books:
– Easy true stories
– Very easy true stories
– More true stories
– Even more true stories
– Reading advantage 1-4
– Short stories A-D
– Facts and figures
– Can you believe it 1-3

Grammar books:
– Basic grammar in use
– Grammar in use intermediate
– Grammar time 1-5
– Side by side
– New interchange
– Interchange
– New headway upper intermediate
– Exploring English

Writing books:
– Composition practice book
– Get ready to write
– Ready to write
– Ready to write more
– Weaving it together
– Exploring English

Course outline and level development:


What you learn


1:1 class (ESL Class) Reading, writing, speaking, grammar, and listening

4 hours

1:1 class (TOEIC Class) TOEIC Class (TACTICS for TOEIC Listening and Reading)
TOEIC Class (TACTICS for TOEIC Speaking and Writing)

2 hours

1:8 class (Native Class) Conversation class, Intonation and Pronunciation class, CNN class, and Intensive English Grammar

1 hour

Vocabulary Class Vocabulary (optional)

1 hour


Sample Timetable:



Class type

08:00- 08:50 am

08:55- 09:45 am



09:50- 10:40 am



10:45- 11:35 am



11:40 am- 12:30 pm



12:30- 01:25 pm


01:30- 02:20 pm



02:25- 03:15 pm



03:20- 04:10 pm


1:8 Native group class

04:15- 05:05 pm

Free class

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