Course overview
This course will provide you with language practice to prepare you for the IELTS exam. It will cover skills work (listening, reading, writing and speaking) in addition to reviewing previously acquired grammar and vocabulary. The course will introduce you to the IELTS exam format and the various task types. It is suitable for those wanting to take either the General Training or the Academic Module and is designed to act as a foundation course for the initial IELTS Skills Modular Course. It is intended for learners whose current English level is Pre – Intermediate.

Course description
Our intensive IELTS course is designed specifically for you to get the score you want to achieve. As well as practice tests, we’ll help you learn how to approach the tasks, learn what the examiners want to see, how to prepare effectively, and give each IELTS course candidate examples of good and bad answers. All our IELTS courses comprise of classes of between 6 and 12 people, so you can be sure to receive all the help you need to succeed.



Number of classes

Pre-IELTS (4H) Filipino 1:1 + (2H) Filipino small group- 1:4 + (1H) Native big group- 1:8 + Option class (2H- weekdays or 3H weekends)
IELTS Intensive (6H) Filipino 1:1 + (1H) Native big group- 1:8+ Option class (2H- weekdays or 3H weekends)


Subjects for pre-IELTS
Man-to-man class IELTS reading (1H) + IELTS writing (1H) + ESL Listening, grammar, speaking (2H)
Group class IELTS Listening (1h), IELTS Speaking (1H) + (1H- Native) Pronunciation/ Listening and Speaking/ Movie/ Pop Music


Subjects for IELTS Intensive
Man-to-man class IELTS reading, writing, listening, speaking + (1H) Mock exam + (1H) rationalization of answers
Group class Conversational skills/ Listening and speaking


Course requirements
– Entry level: Pre-Intermediate
– Attendance: 100% (Inevitable absence will only be considered if there is an excuse letter provided.)
– Students are required to participate in all scheduled exams like Mock exams on Friday and monthly assessment exams.

Course objectives
The course is aimed at getting the target IELTS score of learners. Learners will be given numerous opportunities to practice for the test, and be given information and opportunities to help students such as:
– How to approach the tasks / questions
– What the examiners are looking for
– What to do (& what not to do!)
– How to prepare for the writing tasks
– How to manage your time in the exam
– Examples of good and bad answers
Students will also learn more about the English language during the course, so their vocabulary, pronunciation, fluency and grammar will improve as well.

Recommended study duration
12 weeks

Instructional methods


Teaching method/s

Class discussion facilitated by the teacher

Classroom activities

Lectures, exercises, homework checking, video presentation, video and voice recording, pronunciation enhancement, group discussion/team work, in-depth interview questions, in-flight scenarios


Text and additional resources/materials
– The Best Tests for IELTS
– McGraw-Hills IELTS
– Barron’s IELTS
– All About IELTS
– Kaplan IELTS

Course outline and level development



General topics of interest


– Understand the topic of conversation between two speakers who are exchanging information on everyday subjects and be able to extract details and basic facts from it.
– Comprehend individual speakers talking on non-academic topics and work out where it is taking place.
– Recognize short talks and lectures on a topic of general academic interest and make predictions on what you can expect to hear.


– Analyze a wide range of texts, written in a variety of different styles.
– Employ the specific skills of skimming and scanning to be able to identify the relevant information.
– Follow the sequence of events in a passage; recognize the structure of a passage.
– Identify main and supporting ideas in paragraphs.


– Write a variety of different text types including letters, descriptions, and discursive essays. – Organize your writing appropriately by linking your main and supporting points well.
– Use paragraphs correctly.
– Use a range of vocabulary and grammar in your writing.
– Check your work on completion.


– Use a range of language reasonably fluently and accurately to express your views on a variety of topics.
– Introduce yourself.
– Express your likes and dislikes.
– Talk about your hobbies and interests.
– Express your feelings and discuss abstract topics.
– Use intonation and word stress appropriately to express how you feel.
– Pronounce words and sounds clearly enough to be understood.


– Use a range of structures that are typically required in the writing and speaking test papers.


– Use a number of useful words and expressions on topics that commonly occur in the IELTS exam to express yourself.


Level development


Sample Timetable



Class type

08:30- 09:30 am



09:40- 10:40 am



10:50- 11:50 am



11:50- 12:50 pm



12:50- 01:50 pm


02:00- 03:00 pm

Sample Test


03:10- 04:10 pm

Conversational skills


04:20- 05:20 pm




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