Course description:
An Intensive Course to produce truly world class Flight Attendants with excellent English communication skills.


Number of classes

1:1 Class (3) + ACE Group discussion (1) + ESL Group class (1) + Native Group Class (1)


Course requirements
– Entry level: Pre-Intermediate
– Attendance: 100% (Inevitable absence will only be considered if there is an excuse letter provided.)
– Students are required to participate in all scheduled exams like Mock exams on Friday and monthly assessment exams.
– ACE students are required to observe proper dress code and grooming.
o Business like/office smart style attire
o Well groomed, with clean tidy hair, make-up and clean shoes.

Course objectives

One-on-One Interview Class enables students to:
– Listen and respond to questions confidently.
– Practice giving brief and concise answers.
– Observe correct syntax, diction pronunciation, enunciation, inflection, etc…
– Develop a remarkable impression as an interviewee.

One-on-One Essay Class enables students to:
– Express their answers through writing.
– Write grammatically correct sentences.
– Achieve unity and coherence of ideas.
– Provide smooth transitions between sentences or paragraphs.
– Use correct punctuation marks.
– Write an essay given a limited time.

Discussion/Panel Interview Class enables students to:
– Be well-oriented with the interview process.
– Share personal and professional insights about themselves.
– Develop teamwork among the group.
– Percolate superb ideas at all times and answer the interview ingeniously.
– Thoroughly imbibe and observe finesse especially in a corporate environment.
– Intensify interviewee’s confidence in answering complex questions
– Conduct themselves elegantly under pressure.

Recommended study duration
8-12 weeks

Instructional methods


Teaching method/s

Class discussion facilitated by the teacher

Classroom activities

Lectures, exercises, homework checking, video presentation, video and voice recording, pronunciation enhancement, group discussion/team work, in-depth interview questions, in-flight scenarios


Text and additional resources/materials
– ACE CELLA Airline News Center Interview class booklet
– ACE CELLA Airline News Center Essay class booklet
– ACE CELLA Airline News Center Discussion class booklet

Course outline and level development


ACE Class Skills Development

One-on-one interview

– Evaluating statements
– Answering given questions using vocabulary words and experiential background.
– Expressing a personal point of view or an attitude
– Practicing inflection
– Learn useful expressions

Essay Class

– Expressing ideas in writing
– Using useful expressions to create a cohesive composition
– Grammar usage
– Creating a composition under time pressure
– Ability to attain clarity in writing

Team Exercises

– Role-Playing – Building teamwork
– Interacting
– Developing Camaraderie
– Handling in-flight scenarios
– Answering discussion questions
– Making suggestions
– Giving feedback
– Predicting outcomes

Panel Interview

– Listening for details
– Expressing options, beliefs or convictions
– Answering questions based on real life experiences
– Developing confidence in actual interview
– Asking the right questions
– Speaking in public


Level development

Sample Timetable



Class type

08:30- 09:30 am

09:40- 10:40 am

ACE English Essay


10:50- 11:50 am

ACE English Interview


11:50- 12:50 pm

ACE Group Discussion


12:50- 01:50 pm


02:00- 03:00 pm



03:10- 04:10 pm



04:20- 05:20 pm